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Corporate Sustainability

Sustainability in the organization

Today, sustainability is not only an ethical, but also an economic necessity. This is often addressed through individual initiatives, marketing campaigns or even greenwashing, instead of implementing effective measures. Corporate sustainability requires a structured approach tailored to the current state and goals of the organization to focus and channel the right activities. The resulting transformation must be tackled strategically and integrated in the enterprise.         

Focuses for your organization

We help you address these complex issues. We break the problem down, identifying points of focus for your organization and enabling you to create modern, sustainable, and financially successful value chain. We are guided by three principles:

  • Sustainability adds value: the focus in sustainability projects is too often on prevention and additional effort. Sustainable value creation is an opportunity for value-adding innovation and efficiency.

  • Sustainability is data based: Managing sustainability and optimally allocating resources requires data. Sustainability reporting requirements are also growing. However, the data required is not available in many organizations and data structures are not designed with sustainability data in mind.

  • Sustainability is transformative: even though sustainability can be implemented in various small projects and organizational units, the full value of sustainable value creation can only be achieved if sustainability is anchored in the DNA of the organization.

Our Services

Development of a Sustainability Strategy
Development of a Sustainability Strategy

  • Identification of focal sustainability issues for your organization

  • Development of a sustainability strategy – from vision and goals to concrete measures

Development of Sustainability Management
Development of Sustainability Management

  • Assessment of the current level of maturity and definition of measures

  • Design and establishment of sustainability governance (CSR)

  • Development of a sustainability report, including CO2 accounting

Transformation into a Sustainable Organization
Transformation into a Sustainable Organization

  • Sustainability analysis and optimization or redesign of individual processes and organization units

  • Realization of sustainable procurements

  • Sustainable design of products and services

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Sustainable Innovation Pathways Framework

The world is heating up. We are already on course to miss the IPCC target of +1.5 degrees. More must be done - and it will be done through governments, industries and companies, and the funds of public and private investors to solve three key outstanding issues of one is:

  • Models are missing to combine holistic views of the future with current financial metrics.

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AWK Focus | Sustainability

«Sustainability ‒ not an option anymore, but rather essential for success!!»

Sustainability is no longer just a consumer trend, but rather an essential economic factor that will have a decisive impact on economic success in the future. After all, it is now clear to all of us that we only have this one planet. Anyone who sees sustainability only as "having to limit ourselves" underestimates not only the challenge, but also the great economic opportunities that go hand in hand with sustainable business practices. True sustainability includes not only an intelligent use of resources, but also a complete (re)interpretation of business models.

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