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Webinar | Success factors and pittfalls to consistently create value from data analytics

Generate Real Added Value with Data Analytics & AI

The data analytics & AI technologies available today offers new and exciting opportunities to create value for the organization. However, successful data-to-value transformations require more than just analyzing data with the latest technologies.

From identifying the right use cases, to ensuring appropriate prerequisites and frameworks, to successful integration into existing processes, there is much to consider.

We would like to explain and share the insightful results of our study at our webinar on May 24th, at 17:30. We are pleased to welcome Sandro Saitta, Chief Industry Advisor at Swiss Data Science Center, as keynote speaker. Together with Jonas Dischl, Head of Data Analytics & AI at AWK Group we will pursue topics such as:

  • What role will data analytics & AI play in the future and where do organizations such as Swiss Data Science Center stand today?
  • How are data analytics and AI used, and what added value do they generate?
  • What are the challenges of transforming data into value?





Date and time

24. May 2022, 17:30 until 18:30

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